okay so days of nothing is a zine.

there is this recurring period of time in my life where i feel so unproductive and so empty of any creative thought, im slowly learning that this is just part of a cycle, with the ups come the downs, and i am trying to embrace this part of it as much as i do the others. this null period is not shiny or fun but i think everyone experiences it in some way and have figured out different ways for it be part of their lives. when i am deep deep in these days of nothing, the best thing i can do for myself is reach out to all the friends and people around me, ask for advice, ask for ideas, thoughts, drawings, just anything for me to digest and think about during this period of rest, of stillness, of nothing.  

so DAYS OF NOTHING comes from this thought, and it is an attempt to honor the people in my life that i think are so smart and interesting and are keeping me going day to day.

here is what i need:

every issue of this zine has a SCENARIO, OBSERVATION, RECIPE, MEMORY. scenarios are usually longer format prose, observation could be as short as a few words, recipe is something that you make that you would be willing to share, memory is something you have been going back to recently.

if any of these call to you, i would love to hear from you.

all the best,